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We Have A Dream ...

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That of building independent houses, low-rent residences, factories where the most disadvantaged can work, schools and training centers.

Because it is by acting in this way that we will be able to change the situation.

Decent sanitary facilities, constructions against bad weather (cyclones, earthquakes), access to drinking water through wells and water treatment.

Thus, we are convinced that there will be impacts at the socioeconomic level.

On your behalf, we will start in the field of construction and renovation of houses for disabled person.

In 2021, our first project was in Antalaha (Madagascar): we have been committed to provide all efforts for free to build a house for Flao. With a solid house roofing sheet and a light powered with solar panel, she, along with her kid, can now enjoy their HOME.

Our next project is to build many more houses in Antalaha for the disabled ones (Madagascar), and with your help, a training program done by an expert.


We make an extra effort to plan an annual maintenance check-up ( plumbing, electricity and else), so as to avoid any degradation and to ensure that our involvement stays on the long run.

Because we firmly believe that it is not by giving 1 € to a needy that we change his habits, but by providing him a future.

For this, we need your spirit of sharing and your donation, whether they are made public or anonymous as you wish.


Each house built will have the name of its donor. We will provide each donor the exact location of it, so as he can visit it at his convenience.

We have a team for the maintenance of these premises, once a year necessarily, and intervene in urgent cases.

We are not only building a home. We also want to support beneficiaries in their training and creation of a commercial activity, such as crafts, commerce, tourism, agriculture, production, etc.


Our mission is to help reduce poverty, improve living conditions and mobilize resources for the economic and social development of the countries in which we operate.

We are proud to work in the development of new communities focused on job creation, women’s empowerment, education, local development and many more.

tana association 4


Almost 20 million people live below the poverty line, 22 million do not have access to electricity, and these numbers are only increasing.

Together, let's make this world a better place