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Kitchen, Laundry room and Wardrobes

For a better life in the kitchen.

What is the essence of a kitchen?

It must be beautiful, at the heart of communication while cooking, discussing and tasting. Make your work easier and bring order and organization. And, by the way, be made for you and meet all your wishes and needs. But also takes into account your style and your wallet. And what if you could match your kitchen furniture with your laundry room for a better harmony?

For more than 60 years, Nolte Küchen has been the brand of quality par excellence, with exclusive design and perfect ergonomics Made in Germany. No wonder, then, that for the third year in a row we have been recognized as “Germany’s Top Kitchen Brand”.


Interior design: Wardrobes.


Everything is possible with custom made storage!

Optimize space, create unique storage with a contemporary design where each object has its place, create partitions made up of storage or have a dressing room corresponding exactly to your needs … Custom storage provides all the solutions for the arrangement for all rooms of the house but also for professional workspaces.

Back in our interiors, canopy occupies many forms. Much more than a fashion effect, it brings solutions of partitions, authenticity and light in the house.

MTA DISTRIBUTION has partnered with famous brands in Europe to serve you quality products.

Plan your kitchen from your home

Our online kitchen planner makes planning your new kitchen simple and convenient. And includes valuable planning tips as well.

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